Irreversible Entanglements -- the experimental jazz group that features vocalist Moor Mother alongside Luke Stewart, Keir Neuringer, Aquiles Navarro, and Tcheser Holmes -- will follow last year's excellent Who Sent You? with a new album, Open The Gates, on November 12 via Don Giovanni (pre-order). The album was recorded in a single day in January of 2021, and the first taste is the title track, which opens the album. At two and a half minutes, it's more concise than most of Who Sent You?, and Moor Mother's vocals sound as commanding as ever over the swirling horns and kinetic, polyrhythmic percussion. Listen and watch the Cyrus Moussavi-directed video below.

Moor Mother's next solo album Black Encyclopedia of the Air arrives 9/17 via ANTI-, and yesterday she released a new song with The Bug.

1. Open The Gates
2. Keys To Creation
3. Lágrimas Del Mar
4. Storm Came Twice
5. Water Meditation
6. Six Sounds
7. The Poet Remembers

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