A month ago, a whole bunch of connected music industry people and artists -- Conor Oberst included -- retweeted this:

Today, people that signed up got a brochure in the mail, Conor Oberst's record label Team Love included:

Maybe you've seen their ads on a bench:

According to the internet, a session musician recently posted on Facebook (now deleted) that they were recording with Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers for a new project. The internet is pretty convinced that's what this is, and it wouldn't be the first time Conor and Phoebe collaborated.

Here's a better look at the complete brochure:

It advertises a website and the social media accounts for Better Oblivion Community Center.

Look close at the mysterious cult-like flyer and you'll also see the name "Reverend Christian Lee Hutson." Christian Lee Hutson may look like a reverend, but I know him as a singer-songwriter who often performs with Jenny Lewis and Phoebe Bridgers. Phoebe often calls him her favorite songwriter. Here they are together:

Phoebe recently mentioned in an interview -- one of the many she, Julien Baker & Lucy Dacus (who follows the Better Oblivion Community Center social media accounts already) did for boygenius -- that she has been producing some music. My first guess was that it was for Christian.

Is the internet correct that this is a new Conor and Phoebe project? Is Christian involved? Perhaps we'll find out on 1/23, which is the date printed on the brochure. Or perhaps we'll find out when --- according to a link I found on the internet -- pre-orders begin on 1/21 for a self-titled LP by Better Oblivion Community Center (the link I found also says this album has a release date of 2/22). Oh, and there's already a cryptic audio file on Spotify:

Stay tuned!

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