Jared Kushner, son-in-law to Donald Trump, went from working in real estate and publishing to becoming a senior advisor to the president "tasked with no less a challenge than resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Perhaps rising to so much power in such a short amount of time didn't give Kushner enough time to privatize his social media accounts, or maybe he doesn't care about the contents of this one. Either way, people on 4chan and reddit are claiming to have found Kushner's last.fm profile, which has kept track of music he's been listening to since December 5, 2009 (over 100,000 tracks, altogether). His most-listened artist is Twenty One Pilots, followed by Depeche Mode (also loved by Richard Spencer), The Beatles, ABBA, and Muse. He likes Pink Floyd, too (#31), but not as much as Trump's kids.


Kushner also likes the Hamilton soundtrack, Leonard Cohen, Belle and Sebastian, Nick Cave, The National, PJ Harvey, Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, Mazzy Star, Kate Bush, Swans, Bon Iver, Lou Reed, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Sharon Van Etten.

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