New condo buildings go up next to a music venue, and next thing you know that music venue, which was there first, starts getting noise complaints. It's an all-too-common problem, and an ironic one since it's often the music venues that helped pave the way for those areas to become desirable to live in in the first place. It's a problem music venues on Red River Street in Austin have had to deal with a lot (or is that just what they want to you to believe?). Anyway, it was nice to hear this bit of news out of the UK:

The changes come into force on 6th Apri 2016l. As the Music Venue Trust explains in a Facebook post, “local planning authorities will have to consider noise impacts on new residents from existing businesses under an amended permitted development right.

What this effectively means is, that in future, any developer who rocks up next to a music venue wanting to build there will have the “noise impact” of their new development looked at by the council. This should put an end to the recurring problem of new residents moving into flats next door to venues, and then complaining about the noise. Developers will now have to work with local authorities to protect the nearby live music, or they’ll have to naff off and build somewhere else. [DIY]

Nice one, UK!

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