Italian band Giuda have been mixing glam and punk into super fun, riff-rock fist-pumpers for over 10 years and their latest album is E.V.A. which is out Friday (4/5) and is their first for Burger Records. (Order yours.) On this one there's a distinct interstellar theme that is also a comment on the crazy state of the world today. "The title E.V.A. stands for ‘extra-vehicular activity’ in relation to astronauts in space and the album artwork hopefully reflects the song topics and the lyrical content,” says guitarist Lorenzo. “When it comes to the theme of outer space and journeying into other dimensions, it’s not just an aesthetic thing with us. It’s also about what’s happening currently both in Italy and around the world. Everyone seems to be in fear of being invaded by other cultures.” Giuda's all-inclusive worldview includes synthesizers -- more on E.V.A. that we've heard on previous records -- and even a little disco too but their distinct brand of rock works well in the zero-gravity environment of the record. We're premiering a stream of the whole thing -- listen below.

Giuda are even more fun live and the band say stay tuned for North American dates. They are out in Italy and Europe now -- all dates are listed below.


Giuda - 2019 Tour Dates
APR 04 Mood Social Club Thursday, 7:00PM Rende, Italy
APR 06 MONK - Circolo Arci Saturday, 7:00PM Roma, Italy
APR 07 Scumm Sunday, 7:00PM Pescara, Italy
APR 11 sPAZIO211 Thursday, 7:00PM Torino, Italy
APR 12 Serraglio Friday, 7:00PM Milano, Italy
APR 13 Covo Club Saturday, 12:00AM Bologna, Italy
APR 18 Le Molotov Thursday, 7:00PM Marseille, France
APR 19 La Scène Michelet Friday, 7:00PM Nantes, France
APR 20 Mondo Bizarro Saturday, 7:00PM Rennes, France
APR 21 Gibus Club Sunday, 7:00PM Paris, France
APR 24 Magasin 4 Wednesday, 7:00PM Brussels, Belgium
MAY 04 100 Club Saturday, 7:00PM London, United Kingdom

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