You may remember Italian band Havah's split with fellow post-punks His Electro Blue Voice from a couple years ago. The band, which features Michele Camorani of La Quiete/Raein, are set to release their new album, Contravveleno, via Bologna's Maple Death Records. The record is inspired by Italian partisans who fought the Nazis off in the Forlì/Ravenna territory, the kinds of stories that are told from grandfathers to their kids. While I don't speak Italian, it does fit, thematically, with the brooding, bass-driven style of Havah. We've got the premiere of "L'accettazione" ("Acceptance") which should appeal to fans of gritty, early-'80s goth. (Think: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, My Dad is Dead and, of course, Joy Division.) Listen to that, and check out officially translated lyrics, below.

Contravveleno will be our September 15 via Maple Death (preorder). Check out the tracklist below.


I can not imagine things while I’m awake
when I'm at home I can not see myself
elsewhere, different, ideal
I can only think about organizing
the logic behind future problems
when I’m home my movements are tied
there is not even a direction to the station
the message was already inside
it only comes to light later
acceptance is defeat
acceptance is victory

Havah – Contravveleno tracklist:

Side A
Un nuovo meccanismo
Al di fuori del male
Sanno che ci siamo
Strade più buie
Problemi elementari

Side B
Il loro errore
Ogni volta
Restano lettere
Rasentando i muri
Un’altra strada
La differenza

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