Italian screamo band Radura formed in 2015 and they've put out a few EPs and a split since then, and now they're set to release their debut full-length album Effetto Della Veduta d'Insieme this Wednesday (4/7). The band wrote a manifesto that looks at the build-up to the new album, from their formation until now:

Music is a way to transmit energy, to give something to each other.

So the songs we wrote since 2015’s autumn found their vital space in concerts and in the punk scene, that welcomed us with a taste of an unexpected surprise: that was our clearing, “radura” in italian.

Then music generates worlds if you love it, and everytime you listen or share one of our songs with someone else we’re sure that there too a clearing is born: a place in a place, an opening.

We began by screaming. Screaming was an obvious choice because it's the easiest way to say something, to free the lungs. It’s a magic hard to explain: a mic is thrown to you, you feel the void in your stomach, you can take it. It happened and it changed us. We’ve seen it in you, that you’ve always screamed with us.

But time passes, the reality gets more complex, everything that was clear before now slips away. So you feel the need to look for new expressive ways, new horizons to which consacrate the ashes of what became familiar, to dedicate to a more risky research. Led by this necessity we’ve faced the writing and the achievement of our debut album: Effetto della Veduta d’Insieme (The Overview Effect).

We wanted to find a shape, detach and observe the world and ourselves from a wider point of view, like astronauts do from their spaceship’s porthole. But we found only confused lines, mutable identities, always incomplete, shadows that eat lights and lights that eat shadows, infinite constellations and reflections that don’t give back any truth.

As the manifesto suggests, Effetto della Veduta d’Insieme is a grand statement that looks far beyond the confines of typical screamo. It incorporates post-rock, spoken word, some clean-sung vocals, acoustic passages, and other musical twists and turns that push the boundaries of the genre. It's an album that's equal parts melodic and experimental, and it can be beautiful and atmospheric at times and crushingly heavy at others. It's an intense album that feels suspenseful from start to finish, and the wide scope of musical variety is matched by warm, crystal-clear production. It recalls the expansive sounds of bands like Envy, Daïtro, Circle Takes The Square, and La Dispute, and like all of those bands have done, it puts a refreshingly unique spin on this style of music.

Though the album's not officially out for a couple days, you can hear it now. A full stream premieres below. If you like what you hear, pre-order it on Bandcamp.

Effetto della Veduta d’Insieme is an international co-release between the following labels:

Clever Eagle Records, United States
Desperate Infant Records, Hong Kong
Dingleberry Records and Distribution, Germany
Dischi Decenti, Italy
Non Ti Seguo Records, Italy
General Soreness, Italy
Pundonor Records, Spain
Sad React Records, Denmark
Voice Of The Unheard Records, France