From Ferrara, Italy come weirdo folk trio Dead Horses whose three members also play in the decidedly more unhinged For Food. Dead Horses are calmer by comparison, channelling Dylan, early Velvet Underground, R Stevie Moore, Gun Club and other outliers. For further insight into their world view, look no further than their upcoming Ballad for Losers, which will be out soon via Maple Death. We've got the premiere of "Morning Hell" which rambles on in just the right dilapidated way. Listen to that, and check out artwork and tracklist for Ballad for Losers, below.


Dead Horses - Ballad For Losers tracklist:
Side A
Hobo Talks
Ballad For Losers
She Wishes
Walkin’ By The Light
Side B
The Liar
Morning Hell
No Wahala
Long Road Home

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