Anamanaguchi @ SXSW (more by Tim Griffin)

Matthew Hawkins: Chip music seems to have really gone far in the past few years, especially the ones with you and the rest of the gang being active... What do you think of the current state of chiptunes? Are there any challenges and milestones ahead?

Anamanaguchi's Peter Berkman: I think this year of Blip is going to be incredible. Basically the community is acknowledging at large that it is OK to party. Everyone is continuing to carve out their own unique niches of the chiptune community, what I think is important is bringing those elements out into their own respective worlds outside of chiptune. That's why we play shows with bands that have the same feel as us but don't have any 8-bit stuff going on whatsoever.

Hawkins: Who are you looking forward to the most at this year's Blip?

Berkman: Henry Homesweet, 4mat, Talk To Animals, cTrix, Knife City, Noisewaves, 10k, It's pretty much just gonna be insane.

Anamanaguchi headline the first of three nights of Blip Fest TONIGHT (5/19). Single-day tickets are still available.

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