We're resurfacing an oldie from Invisible Oranges here on BrooklynVegan in honor of Shark Week 2014. In 2011 Cosmo Lee wrote:

In honor of Shark Week on The Discovery Channel: metal album covers featuring sharks.

This does not include shark-featuring album covers in other genres, like Ride's "Vapour Trail" single, Gallows' In the Belly of a Shark EP, or Great White's discography (which, admittedly, has some spectacular (ly awful) shark-featuring covers). I feel like I'm missing an obvious one or three. If you know, care to share?

We compiled the same list and added some more. There's two by M.O.D. (who are active lately) including the one above. Check out the rest below...


Victimizer Shark


Riot Nightbreaker

Spinal Tap Shark

Top to bottom:

M.O.D. - Surfin' M.O.D.
M.O.D. - Gross Misconduct
Wehrmacht - Shark Attack
Wehrmacht - Fast as a Shark Attack (EP)
Faith No More - The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
Dead at the Scene - Sharktopus
Alex Masi - Attack of the Neon Shark
Early Man - Beware of the Circling Fin (EP)
Bitchslicer - Sex with Sharks
Julie Bell - Not technically an album, but literally a Heavy Metal cover (January '92)
Victimizer - The Final Assault
Akimbo - Jersey Shores
Riot - Nightbreaker
Spinal Tap - Shark Sandwich

What did we miss?