Ivan Julian of legendary punk band Richard Hell & the Voidoids (and other projects) was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 but successfully battled it. Sadly, his cancer is back, but his doctors say it is treatable with surgery. Friends have just launched a GoFundMe to help pay medical bills, which also gives more detail on his situation:

It has evolved into a specific type that has an unpredictable growth rate, and has the potential to be imminently fatal. Because of the threat the cancer is imposing, the doctors have ordered surgery. The surgery that Ivan’s doctors have prescribed would remove the cancer permanently. This surgery, however, will require months of recovery time where Ivan will be unable to work and will still need to take care of rent, insurance, and the expenses of the surgery. Because of the unpredictable nature of his type of cancer, This surgery is slated to take place within the month, and can’t be postponed with risk of the cancer spreading to a point where treatment is impossible.

We are hoping to raise $75,000 for Ivan to cover his medical bills and necessary leave from work for at least six months during his recovery. Ivan’s insurance and New York City rent alone will take a huge toll on Ivan without any generated income. It is crucial that Ivan has support from us in his time of recovery, and that we give back to someone who has given so much throughout his life.

Fuck cancer. Help if you can by donating to Ivan's medical GoFundMe, or you can donate directly to him via Venmo @Austin-julian-3.

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