Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin has been on fire for years, but his fame has been growing exponentially since 2018. Here are just a few of the notable things he's done in that time: he released his landmark album Vibras, which is home to his first of two Rosalía collabs and his massive single "Mi Gente" which has a remix featuring Beyonce who brought Balvin on stage during weekend two of her now-iconic Coachella takeover, he joined Bad Bunny on Cardi B's gigantic "I Like It," he released an amazing collaborative album with Bad Bunny, and he and Bad Bunny joined Shakira and J Lo at this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. So it kind of goes without saying that there's a ton of anticipation for his new album Colores. And at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I don't remember the last time an album this anticipated also sounded this effortlessly enjoyable off the bat.

Like last year's Bad Bunny collab, this is a quick, lean album (that one had eight songs, this one has 10) and it's just hook after hook after hook. It also has just two guests, Afro-fusion artist Mr. Eazi and frequent J Balvin producer Sky Rompiendo (both of whom were on Oasis). It's brimming with the kind of swagger you only develop when you're on top of the world, and Balvin earns that level of confidence. Right now, he seems like the kind of guy who could write hits in his sleep. And I realize there's a cynicism that arises when music reviewers gush over very popular major label pop singers like this, but Colores isn't just a success on the commercial front (its lead single is already a chart-topper), it's a creative triumph as well. These songs are easy to like but they also sound fresh and innovative and they don't cater to the pop radio-listening public. As he's done time and time again, J Balvin is directing trends, not following them.

The album is out now a few hours early. Listen and watch the just-released video for "Amarillo" below...

1. Amarillo
2. Azul
3. Rojo
4. Rosa
5. Morado
6. Verde
7. Negro
8. Gris
9. Arcoíris (ft. Mr. Eazi)
10. Blanco

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