Dinosaur Jr's J MascisJonah Ray (Mystery Science Theater 3000), The AdolescentsFrank Agnew, D.I. frontman Casey Royer, and more appear in I'll Be Around, a new movie that sounds like a indie rock mashup of Richard Linklater's Slacker and 200 Cigarettes. The movie's official synopsis: "Against the backdrop of a post-punk music festival, dozens of struggling thirty-somethings deal with a wide variety of social and philosophical issues in their respective lives, from generational angst to premature ejaculation...the overarching plot (or lack thereof) takes place over the course of one day, before and during an imitate alt-rock music festival. The story focuses on no particular protagonist but an influx of interconnected characters (musicians, wanderers, fanatics) from all walks of life having discussions about music, romance, and facing artistic and existential dilemmas."

The film was written and directed by Michael Cuenca, who also plays one of the many 30-somethings in the film, and knows this world well. He was previously in the band Dignitary, now records music as Some Daggers Wear Red, and in the late '00s created Oblivion: The Series, "A look at the lives of a large ensemble group of punks, mods, and rockers in the fictional town of Holwenstall."

As for J Mascis, he says he plays a "wise pawnbroker." I'll Be Around is available to rent on Amazon Prime and you can watch the trailer below.

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