Third Man Records is relaunching their "Third Man Public Access" web series that features "long-form broadcasts of exclusive content, intimate at-home performances, readings, music videos and more" from Third Man artists. "We're attempting to capture the lunacy and creativity of this incredibly unique time and present it through an early MTV meets late night UHF psychedelic experience, says Third Man's Ben Swank. "Join us, while we laugh through the tears in the rain... Fuck Trump." The shows also encourage you to donate to the artists involved who can't tour right now because of the coronavirus.

The new episode, which is out now, includes in-home performances by J. Mascis (with his son), Redd Kross' Stephen McDonald with That Dog's Anna Waronker, Kelley Stoltz, Olivia Jean, and more. There's also live footage from The White Stripes and Mike Watt & The Missing Men, videos featuring Melvins' Dale Crover playing drums all over his house, Kelley Stoltz's new single "Iceberg Lettuce," His Name is Alive, Redd Kross, Drinkard Sisters, writer Benjamin Myers, and more. If you dug '80s/'90s cable access or Night Flight, this is pretty fun. Watch the episode below.

There's also a Third Man-curated station coming soon to the new Sonos Radio.

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