photos by Amanda Hatfield

Amanda Palmer and her father Jack recently released a new covers album with renditions of songs by Sinéad O’Connor, Leonard Cohen, Kimya Dawson, Richard Thompson, and more. They've been playing shows in support of that, including NYC's Le Poisson Rouge last night (7/19), which was their first of two shows at the venue.

The show opened with a set from Swans percussionist Thor Harris & Friends. Thor brought along even more friends than usual for this show, including Anni Rossi and Yonatan Gat. Amanda Palmer and Sxip Shirey came out and played with them as well. Their set mostly had people playing percussive instruments like xylophone, marimba, and vibraphone, but they also had viola, clarinet and more. In related news, Thor is playing on the new Quin Galavis album.

Amanda Palmer started her set alone with a ukulele, then brought out Thor & Friends to back her up for a few songs, one of which, "Machete," is a new song about her dead friend Anthony after whom she named her son. Then she brought out her father Jack, who played guitar while both of them sang, sometimes backed by Thor & Friends, sometimes not. They played most of the new covers album, and finished by playing the Dresden Dolls' "Sing."

They'll do it again at LPR tonight (7/20). Pictures of last night's show are in this post.

Speaking of the Dresden Dolls, Brian Viglione's new band Secret Sails have a new video.


Thor & Friends

Jack & Amanda Palmer