Nineties era alt-rock vets that dog. release OLD LP, their first new record in 22 years, this week and recently dropped "Just the Way," which is a terrific example of the band's classic, crunchy style. They've just shared the video for that song which is a parody of classic '70s/'80s sitcom Three's Company. For it they've enlisted a couple old friends: Maya Rudolph (who played with Rachel Haden in The Rentals) and Jack Black (who is married to Rachel's sister, Tanya), who play meddling building managers "The Gropers." The band's Tony Maxwell plays Jack, Rachel plays Janet and Anna Waronker plays Chrissy, and just like on the old show, there's a big misunderstanding that leads to...well, darker places than Three's Company ever went. It was produced by Funny Or Die and was directed by Casey Storm, who went to school with Jack and Maya and came up in film as a costume designer, working for Spike Jonze and David Fincher. Watch the video below.

that dog. play L.A. and NYC release shows in November.