You may have heard that Snoop Dogg, long a food-adjacent rapper and celebrity, has launched his own breakfast cereal brand, Snoop Loopz. It's via his own Broadus Foods brands which Snoop co-founded with Master P (who already has his own line of packaged foods). The front of the box calls it a "delicious multigrain cereal" that's "gluten free" and contains "Vitamin D, Fiber and Full Grain."

Most prominently, though, it boasts "MORE MARSHMALLOWS." Cereal fan Jack White has some questions about that part, and he took to instagram to pose them. "In the press release from Broadus foods, the photo of the cereal box contains the words 'MORE MARSHMALLOWS'. More than what?," Jack ponders not unlike a standup comedian working on some new material. "If this is in fact a brand new cereal, it can't be more marshmallows than 'before'. Is it a statement that this cereal has more marshmallows than say...a bag of sand, or a typical caesar salad? Or, is it a DEMAND from Snoop Dogg himself that we just have more marshmallows in this world in general? That last theory is my hope."

Wrapping things up, eagle-eye Jack also noticed some product image discrepancies. "The photograph on Master P's instagram shows a DIFFERENT phrase, an un-plural "MORE MARSHMALLOW" without the "S". Photo attached, answers demanded."

Check out Jack's Instagram -- and Master P's -- and watch a little video promo for Snoop Loopz, below.

Broadus Foods also has a line of Mama Snoop products, including oatmeal, grits, pancake mix and pancake syrup. It's all part of your complete breakfast, as they used to say.

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