Jad and David Fair have made a lot of records -- like, a whole lot -- over the last 40+ years with cult band Half Japanese and other projects. The iconoclastic, outsider art brothers continue to work together and will release Shake, Cackle and Squall under their own names on August 5 via Joyful Noise. It's back to basics for the Fairs, just drums, guitar and vocals. Still they manage to coax a lot of craziness from those building blocks (the LP title is fitting), as you can hear on "In-between Alive And Dead" which premieres in this post. Listen below.

Shake, Cackle and Squall is available to preorder now. Album tracklist below.

Jad and David Fair - Shake, Cackle and Squall tracklist
In-between Alive And Dead
Just Like Muddy Waters
Liars' Club
Misery Vs. The Blues
Popeye Is A Sailor
Shake (This Damn Place Up)
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer
Hex Attached
Knocked Out Cold
Every Note I Pick Is Probably Wrong
There's Nothing Like Everything You Ever Said Before
Belly Of The Beast
Brag About My Band
Businessmen In Memphis
Colossus Femella
Ed Wood Would
House Of Bricks
If I Could Write Like Harper Lee