Rising alt-country singer/songwriters Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers are releasing a collaborative album as Jackson+Sellers called Breaking Point this Friday (10/22) via ANTI- Records (pre-order). It includes seven originals, plus covers of Julie Miller's "The Devil Is An Angel," Suzi Quatro's "The Wild One," and Shannon Wright's "Has Been," and it's as much a country album as it is a rock album. If you're into anything from Kacey Musgraves to Liz Phair, it's worth giving this a spin.

We're premiering a full stream of the album one day ahead of its release, and along with the stream, Jade and Aubrie also gave us a track-by-track breakdown of the album. Stream it below and read on for what they had to say.

Jackson+Sellers will also celebrate the album by playing it in full with a full band on a livestream this Sunday (10/24) at 8 PM ET via Mandolin. Tickets are on sale, and there will be an exclusive Q&A for VIP ticket buyers.

"Devil is an Angel"

Jade: We had so much fun covering this Julie Miller song. She’s such a fantastic songwriter!

Aubrie: Julie is one of my favorite artists and writers, and I’ve never covered any of her songs because I’m so attached to the originals. I’m glad we took on this song though, I think it drove the sound and energy of the record.

"Breaking Point"
Jade: I felt like Aubrie wrote this song about what I was going through at the time.

Aubrie: The song is about reaching a breaking point in a relationship, but we chose it as the title for the album because the record and time in our lives felt like a breaking point with a silver lining.

"As You Run"
Jade: Like “Hush,” this song was inspired by my little sister. She’s my soulmate so when she’s going through something I feel it too, even if we’re miles apart.

Aubrie: This song was so fun to sing harmony on, and Jade was open with the process of experimenting with the production while honoring a song that was so personal to her.

"Waste Your Time"
Jade: I sent a bunch of songs to Aubrie and Ethan when we were piecing together this record. Waste Your Time was their favorite so it made the record!

Aubrie: I absolutely love this song, it gives me the same energy of great 90s rock anthems. Jade sent over a big batch of songs and Ethan was the first to point it out and I’m so glad he did. Now it’s my favorite.

Jade: Sonically this is one of my favorite songs on the record. Like “Breaking Point,” I was shocked at how relatable the lyrical content was to me at the time.

Aubrie: This is a dreamy song about a relationship that can’t weather tough times. Jade’s vocals helped take it to new ethereal heights.

Jade: This song started this whole project! I’d written it about my sister, sent it to Aubrie out of the blue to see if she’d be interested in singing harmonies on it and the rest is history.

Aubrie: This was the first song Jade sent to me and what made me interested in working with her. We got together and recorded a demo of it the first day we met, and the whole project began. Within a few months of meeting each other we had an entire album recorded.

"World Is Black"
Jade: FUN FACT: This song was originally called “City Lights” but since I had a song with that title on my last solo record Aubrie changed the name.

Aubrie: I originally recorded this song in pre-production for my first record, but had so many songs that it didn’t fit the puzzle at the time. I’m so glad I held onto it for this record because I think this is where it belongs.

"Has Been"
Jade: I knew I loved this song within the first five seconds of listening to the demo Aubrie sent me. I was honored to sing on it.

Aubrie: Shannon Wright sent this song to me one day and I asked her to let me record it. I shared it with Jade that first day we got together and she instantly fell in love with it like I did. We recorded a demo of it the same day we did “Hush.”

"Wild One"
Jade: This song was so much fun to record!

Aubrie: I discovered Suzi Quatro last year when I saw a documentary about her, and was inspired by her career and this song in particular. I love the original, and ours has a more laid back vibe.

"Wound Up"
Jade: This is our co-write on the record. I was shocked at how easy it was for us to write together.

Aubrie: Ethan and I had started this song but I didn’t think the lyrics were right and I asked Jade if she wanted to rewrite it with me. Writing together was so easy, which is amazing because it’s not always like that. I’m looking forward to creating more together in the future.

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