Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Jake Tittle has announced a new album, Blood Offering, due out September 2 via Anxiety Blanket Records. He recorded it with longtime friend Jon Joseph on most instruments; James McAlister, known for his collaborations with Sufjan Stevens and Aaron Dessner, on drums; and with another friend of Tittle's, Lexi Vega, contributing backing vocals.

"I wrote this record over about a four year period," Jake says. "I’d just moved to Los Angeles, had become an agnostic after a lifetime of being religious and going through some relationship troubles that eventually lead to the end of my marriage. Blood Offering is me trying to work through everything I had been feeling during those years."

We're premiering new single "Nose Bleeds," which features Sarah Tudzin, aka Illuminati Hotties, and combines electronic and acoustic sounds to great effect. "Sarah Tudzin was one of the first people I really became friends with when I moved to Los Angeles," Jake says. "Those first couple years in the city were wonderful and terrifying all at the same time and she really made a difference during all of it. Since the record is all about that period of time, I felt it was important to have Sarah on the record in some capacity. Originally we were just going to have her sing background vocals on some songs, but I’m glad that she ended up taking a whole verse on 'Nose Bleeds.' She really added some magic to the track and I can’t imagine it without her." Stream it below.


Jake Tittle - Blood Offering

1. Glowing
2. Elon Musk
3. I'm Nice
4. Carrots
5. Nose Bleeds (feat. illuminati hotties)
6. Fair Warning
7. Happy to Be
8. Birthday
9. I'm Laughing
10. Black Cat
11. Owen
12. Golden Cow

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