UPDATE: The album is out.

Beyonce collaborator James Blake has been teasing his new album and releasing singles for quite a while, and now he says it will be out tonight (5/5) at midnight GMT! (That's 8 PM EST.) He revealed the news on Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1 show, where he also debuted two songs from the album, "Radio Silence" (which was going to be the title track) and "I Need A Forest Fire" (which features Bon Iver). It will actually be called The Colour In Anything, as James recently revealed on some billboards worldwide (like the one pictured above, which is at N 15th and Banker in Brooklyn).

Since debuting the songs on BBC, James put both on Spotify, as well as a third called "My Willing Heart." Listen to all three below.

The album has 17 songs (it was previously reported that it has 18), one of which is supposedly 20 minutes long. It may or may not also include a Kanye West collaboration. Check out the tracklist below.