Tommy Wiseau's 2003 film The Room is a modern cult classic and for those who'd like to know more about it, there is The Disaster Artist, the upcoming film based upon Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell's novel of the same name, which documents Wiseau's development and filming of The Room. James Franco both directed the film and stars as Wiseau, and the film also features his brother Dave Franco, his Pineapple Express/Freaks & Geeks co-star Seth Rogen, Paul Scheer, and Hannibal Burress, among others. Wiseau himself has a cameo in it, and many actors play themselves, including Bryan Cranston, Kristen Bell, Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott.

The first teaser trailer for the film was released today and consists entirely of Wiseau and crew trying to film the "Oh hi, Mark" scene on the rooftop. You can watch the trailer and the original "Oh hi, Mark" scene below.

The Disaster Artist will be in limited release on December 1 and will be in theaters nationwide on December 9.


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