Self-proclaimed "male feminist," comedian, and musician Jamie Kilstein was accused of abuse earlier this year, and then dropped from the Citizen Radio podcast he co-hosted, and from Don Giovanni Records, who released Jamie Kilstein & The Agenda‘s 2016 album A Bit Much.

This past week, Kilstein returned to comedian Joe Rogan's podcast, which he was on five years ago to discuss Daniel Tosh's rape joke. On the new podcast, they discuss the accusations, which Kilstein mostly seems to deny -- or at least poke holes in -- and throughout the interview, he repeatedly rejects the "male feminist" title. He talks about how he had opinions he couldn't voice and jokes he couldn't tell when he was in the "male feminist" box, and now that it all blew up in his face, he's free to talk about anything he wants (and return to being a comedian). As the title of a clip of the podcast on a Joe Rogan Fan Page points out, it's his re-branding moment as an "ex male feminist."

You can watch that clip, and the entire two-and-a-half-hour interview, below.

Joe Rogan is also touring, including a sold-out NYC show on Friday (11/3) at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

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