Mouse On Mars’ Jan St. Werner will release new album Molocular Meditation which features the voice of the late Mark E Smith. (Smith, who died in 2018, collaborated with St. Werner on the 2007 Von Sudenfed album.) Side 1 of the record, the 19-minute title track, originated as "bespoke light and sound environment" installation at Cornerhouse in Manchester in 2014. Side 2 features "new work partly written around the same time as Molocular Meditation in context of Werner's Fiepblatter Catalogue on Thrill Jockey." You can listen to "VS Canceled," which has MES reading an email from Domino Records explaining their discontinuation of the Von Sudenfed project. As he proved more than a few times of Fall albums, Mark E Smith reading other people's letters can be very entertaining.

Molocular Meditation is out February 21 via Editions Mego. Check out artwork and tracklist below.

Jan St. Werner - Molocular Meditation
1. Molocular Meditation
2. Back To Animals
3. On The Infinite Of Universe And Worlds
4. VS Canceled