Jane Birkin will release new album Oh! Pardon tu dormais... on February 5 via Verve. It's her first album since 2017's Birkin/Gainsbourg: Symphonique, and her first of new material since 2008's Enfants d'Hiver, and is partially based on Birkin’s theatrical play of the same name (which translates as "Oh! Sorry you were sleeping").

The album was co-written with producers Etienne Daho and Jean-Louis Piérot and features two songs written in English, which is a first for her. The album also marks the first time she has addressed the 2013 death of her daughter, Kate. "At the start, we took inspiration from the script of 'Oh! Pardon…,'" says Birkin. "But then, gradually, we moved away from this and more pressing, urgent themes emerged. My daughter Kate, loss, heartbreak. Little by little, we drifted towards other horizons."

New single "Les jeux interdits" ("Forbidden Games") adds a dash of western twang to the dramatic sweep you associate with Jane Birkin. Watch the video for it below.

jane birkin - Oh Pardon tu dormais

1. Oh! Pardon tu dormais…
2. Ces murs épais
3. Cigarettes
4. Max
5. Ghosts
6. Les jeux interdits
7. F.R.U.I.T
8. A marée haute
9. Pas d’accord
10. Ta sentinelle
11. Telle est ma maladie envers toi
12. Je voulais être une telle perfection pour toi!
13. Catch Me If You Can

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