Jane Inc., the solo dance pop moniker of Carlyn Bezic (of U.S. Girls, Ice Cream), released her stellar sophomore album, Faster Than I Can Take, in the middle of 2022. The Toronto-based multitalent also appeared at Pop Montreal in the fall, and is on the lineup for NYC's New Colossus fest in 2023.

Carlyn shared some of her favorite releases of the year with us, including picks by Cate Le Bon, Marci, Evan Cartwright, and more, plus a book and a movie she loved. Read on for the list.


Jane Inc.'s Favorite Releases of 2022

Emma Healy - BEST YOUNG WOMAN JOB (book)

There’s lots I could say about this book, it encapsulates so much, so I’ll just say this: If you’re an artist, it will remind you that the creative process is ephemeral and confounding, but always happening, and important no matter where you sit on the Escher-esque ladder that is a “career in the arts”. Also it’s so so funny.

Marci - Marci

This is just good pop songwriting, simple as that! It’s satisfying but it’s never boring, stays fresh and light. Love the production. Marci’s voice is soulful and beautiful and fun.

Scott Hardware - Ballad of a Tryhard

Scott could write a lot of your fave’s songs but your fave could not write “Underdog”. Beautiful record, balancing classic songwriting with ambitious production and scope. “Is Something Wrong Tonight?” makes me cry.

Jordan Peele - Nope (movie)

It’s been months since I saw this movie and I still think about it. I think it’s rare to encounter a filmmaker that’s committed to a Spielbergian sense of fun and adventure as well as big, complicated, open ended ideas. I think it’s generous—he honours an audience’s desire for entertainment but never dumbs it down. Thank you Jordan Peele!

Cate Le Bon - Pompeii

I bow down to my Welsh queen.

Badge Epoque Ensemble - Clouds of Joy

Some crazy skill across this whole album. Vocal arrangements by Dorothea Paas that will *mind blown emoji*. It’s referential but singular, truly one of a kind.

Evan Cartwright - bit by bit

A gift from a gifted musician. Unlike anything you’ll listen to this year. Calming and thoughtful.

Jairus Sharif - Water and Tools

Lie on the floor, put on some headphones, close your eyes and listen to this!

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