Jane Remover, the genre-bending 18-year-old artist formerly known as dltzk, has released a single with A-side "Royal Blue Walls" and B-side "Cage Girl." "Royal Blue Walls" is a flickery emo jam featuring dark, acid-washed guitar and lyrics reflecting on Jane's teen years in their neighborhood. "Cage Girl" is equally shoegazey and adds a well-articulated guitar to the mix. Listen to both tracks below.

The New Jersey-based songwriter and producer spoke about the decision to switch monikers, saying:

The stage name dltzk has never sat right with me. Oftentimes in interviews or during conversations, I struggle to get the name out of my mouth. Originally being a username I’d conjured when I was a kid, it reminds me of what I’ve been doing with my teen years... Hiding. The best way to figure out who you really are is through honest self-expression and I’d prefer to start anew...

dltzk reminds me of a period of my life I’d like to move past, and I hope you all understand my reasoning as to why I’m dropping it. I’ve spent enough time facing bigotry in my life, from the closest people in my life to even my own fans. I know, for a fact, who I am and what I stand for. Just so everyone is in the loop now, and I don’t have to keep beating around the bush: my name is Jane, from now on I make music as Jane Remover, and that’s all there is to it.

Jane released Frailty as dltzk last year, featuring the very catchy "search party."

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