Japandroids recently wrapped up their tour in NYC, which included a bunch of new songs, and then announced their new album Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, which drops January 27 via ANTI- (which, for all you rockers out there, is the same day as Cloud Nothings). Now the lead single/title track is here, and it's hitting all the sweet spots that you want Japandroids songs to hit. Its production is slightly cleaner, and there's definitely a little more studio trickery this time around. Most of it was done by Jesse Gander, who did their last two albums, but it was mixed by Interpol/National guy Peter Katis and one song was recorded by Bjork collaborator Damian Taylor. Listen to it here:

01 Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
02 North East South West
03 True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will
04 I'm Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)
05 Arc Of Bar
06 Midnight To Morning
07 No Known Drink Or Drug
08 In A Body Like A Grave

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