Japanese ska-punks Mayson's Party have been on the rise since releasing a 2018 demo and a 2019 single, and now they've announced their debut mini-album, which is self-titled and due July 28 via Ska Punk International Records in the US and SouthBell in Japan (pre-order). It produced by Shuhei Igari of HEY-SMITH (who released their own great new album Life In The Sun on Asian Man Records last year), and it features a new version of "Break down!!" from their demo, their recent single "Yummy Yummy," and four other songs.

Like HEY-SMITH, "Yummy Yummy" is a revved-up ska-punk ripper that's full of pop hooks and whips by at breakneck speed. If the rest of the mini-album is on this level, it's gonna be a good one. Check out the video below.

1.Break down!!
2.Tiny Tune
3.Super Fly High
5.Don't Bring Me Down
6.Yummy Yummy