SACRIFICE was one of the leading bands of the Japanese thrash/underground scene from the formation in 1985 untiil disbanding in 1992, and left a lot of impacts on young and upcoming bands then and even now. During their career, they released three studio albums, "CREST OF BLACK" (1987), "TOTAL STEEL" (1990) and "TEARS" (1992) and shared the stage with SODOM (Germany), NUCLEAR ASSAULT (USA), CASBAH, OUTRAGE, X JAPAN (all from Japan) among many others. They once featured Shinji "Samm" Tachi of ex-SABBAT on drums, who later formed MAGNESIUM and also joined METALUCIFER. And Akira Sugiuchi (Vocals) formed the SOLITUDE with bass player Toru Nishida (Bass) in 1996.

As quoted in their bio above, Japanese thrash vets Sacrifice were initially around from 1985 to 1992 before splintering off into other bands, but they finally reunited in 2013. (They're not to be confused with Canadian thrash band Sacrifice from the same era, who played MDF 2014, or any of the other bands called Sacrifice for that matter.) It appears that, during their initial run and the six years they've been reunited, Sacrifice have still never played the US, but that will finally change this January.

Sacrifice are playing their first-ever US shows across two nights at Brooklyn's Market Hotel, and they're also billed as the only US shows Sacrifice will be playing. They also both have killer openers: January 10 with Toxic Holocaust and Devil Master (tickets) and January 11 with Midnight, Battletorn, and DSS (tickets).

Meanwhile, Midnight just wrapped up a tour with Obituary, Abbath, and Devil Master, and they're gearing up to tour with Electric Wizard, including a show at Brooklyn Steel on 11/19 (tickets). Devil Master are now gearing up for a tour with High On Fire, Power Trip, and Creeping Death, including shows at NJ's Asbury Lanes on 11/20 (tickets) and Brooklyn's Elsewhere on 11/21 & 11/22 (tickets).

Toxic Holocaust are on tour now with GWAR and Sacred Reich (and already stopped in NY/NJ).

Stream Sacrifice's 1987 debut, Crest of Black, below...

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