by Ian Chainey


Tokyo's Pinprick Punishment have been touring the US over the past month. The group is an interesting mix of hardcore and experimentalism, recalling the dissonance of later Black Flag and the choppy rhythms of Bl'ast, thus rightfully earning the 'weird' tag on their Bandcamp page for their 2013 EP Join My Army. On July 2, Pinprick Punishment join Future Primitive, Agitator, A Truth, and Geronimo (not this one or this one) at Brooklyn's Don Pedro Bar Lounge. Tickets are $8 at the door. You can find Pinprick Punishment's remaining tour schedule and a stream below.

Before Pinprick Punishment head out to Puerto Rico for two shows before flying back to Japan, they'll play Baltimore on July 3 with Oakland's Replica, who just shared the Acheron stage with Infest. Replica, featuring members of No Statik and Infect, recently released the EP Beast, a roaring burner of metallic hardcore which you can hear below. They will be dropping back into the Acheron on July 7 with La Misma, Razorheads, and Public Hex. Tickets for that show are available now.

Lists of dates for Replica and Pinprick Punishment, with streams of both bands, below...


Pinprick Punishment -- 2014 Tour Dates
July 1 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Dead, Terrorist, Stuck Pig
July 2 - Brooklyn, New York w/ Future Primitive, Agitator, A Truth, Geronimo
July 3 - Baltimore, Maryland w/ Replica, Sleep Disorder, FoeHammer, Anal Butt
July 4 - San Juan, Puerto Rico
July 5 - Ponce, Puerto Rico
July 26 - Flat - Nishiogi, Tokyo
Aug 3 - 二万電圧 - Koenji, Tokyo
Aug 9 - Zone-B - Waseda, Tokyo
Aug 15 - Urga - Shinjuku, Tokyo
Aug 17 - Bush Bash - Koiwa, Tokyo
Aug 23 - Bar Ripple, Nagoya
Aug 24 - Vortex - Yokkaichi, Mie
Aug 31 - Pool - Sakuradai, Tokyo

Replica -- 2014 Tour Dates
Jul 01 - Certain Death - Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 02 - Lava Space - Philadelphia, PA
Jul 03 - Barclay House - Baltimore, MD
Jul 06 - The Rocketship - Washington, DC
Jul 07 - The Acheron - Brooklyn, NY
Jul 19 - World Rage Center - Oakland, CA
Aug 15 - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records - Oakland, CA

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