The legendary Jarboe -- a long-running solo artist, former Swans member, collaborator of Neurosis, Justin Broadrick, and others, and more -- doesn't appear to have played the U.S. in quite some time (though she's been active overseas), but that will finally change this fall. She just announced a NYC show happening November 25 at Market Hotel, and it's a killer triple bill with avant-garde artist Moor Mother and post-industrial act Father Murphy (who she toured overseas with earlier this year, and who are saying goodbye soon). No word yet on other US dates, but we'll let you know if more are announced. Tickets for the NYC show are on sale now.

UPDATE: More details announced:

Jarboe appears to have last toured the US in 2013 and last played NYC in 2012.

In related news, Jarboe recently made hand-painted box sets of Swans' 1996 album Soundtracks for the Blind. That's a picture of one above with a printed photograph of Jarboe's own eye worked in. She also sings on the upcoming goth-Americana solo album by Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance, Scar The Martyr), The Devil Is My Friend, which comes out October 26. Stay tuned for that.

Watch a couple recent live videos of Jarboe and Father Murphy: