Later this month, Jarvis Cocker is releasing Chansons D’Ennui, an album of French pop covers made as a companion piece to Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch that's credited to Tip-Top, a fictional pop star in the film's universe (preorder it on vinyl). He made the album with the JARV IS... band and it includes this version of Dalida & Alain Delon's 1973 single "Paroles Paroles" ("Words, Words") which went to #1 in France and was a Top 10 hit in Mexico and Japan. As one of the great sexy whisperers of our time, Jarvis handles Alain Delon's part with aplomb, and Laetitia brings that sad romantic air to Dalida's part, too. You can listen to their cover, and the original, below.

Chansons D'Ennui is out October 22, as is The French Dispatch soundtrack, and you can get both on vinyl in the BV shop. The movie is out 10/22 as well.

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