Jarvis Cocker's "Running the World" was the end credits music for the 2006 dystopian sci-fi film Children of Men and appeared as an uncredited bonus track on his solo debut from the same year. In the 13 years since the song's lyrics have remained, and probably always will remain, relevant. In part: "If you thought things had changed, friend, you’d better think again / Bluntly put, in the fewest of words, cunts are still running the world." If you've never heard it, you can stream it, and read the full lyrics, below.

In light of the conservative landslide victory in last week's UK election, some people started a campaign to get "Running the World" into the charts again and hopefully score a coveted UK Christmas #1. Jarvis told The Observer back in 2011 he would've loved "to have been an international No 1, but radio play was quite difficult for that one" and told The Guardian earlier this year that it "feels more relevant now." He added, "A strangely common aspect of people that get in power at the moment is that they’re these weird characters – ridiculous people in a way – but people seem to find entertainment in that. And that’s dangerous really. Politics has turned into Game of Thrones and they like all the skulduggery and stabbing people in the back. I can’t see it ending well."

Now that streaming services factor into the charts, the Christmas #1 goal may be more attainable. The Guardian notes that iTunes UK currently ranks "Running the World" at No 3 on its streaming and download charts while it's No 2 on Amazon Music and No 1 on 7digital. On Spotify, there's been a 19,182% increase in the UK since last Monday, and a 1,100% increase in the US.

UPDATE (12/18): Jarvis has now commented on the #jarvis4xmas campaign via his Instagram:

I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in this campaign to get “Cunts Are Still Running The World” to #1 for Xmas. What a lark! I’m so proud that people have chosen the song as a means of protest against the social, political & environmental situation we find ourselves in. We’ve been playing this song at the recent JARV IS... shows & I often sing “but not for long” at the very end. I truly believe that, as long as we don’t give up, that is true. These are cold, hard times but initiatives like this campaign make me feel all warm & hopeful inside. Christmasy even.

All proceeds go to Shelter too - so it’s also doing some practical good. All being well we should have a musical Christmas pressie to share with you later today or tomorrow. It’s another way of saying thanks.

As Jarvis notes, all digital sales of "Running the World" go to the Shelter homeless charity organization.

Jarvis released his first solo new single in ten years this year, and has hinted at more new music in 2020.

Well did you hear, there's a natural order
Those most deserving will end up with the most
That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top
Well I say, "Shit floats"
If you thought things had changed
Friend, you'd better think again
Bluntly put, in the fewest of words:
Cunts are still running the world (x2)
Now the working classes are obsolete
They are surplus to society's needs
So let 'em all kill each other
And get it made overseas.
That's the word, don't you know
From the guys that's running the show
Let's be perfectly clear boys and girls,
Cunts are still running the world [Repeat: x 2]
Oh feed your children on crayfish and lobster tails,
Find a school near the top of the league
In theory I respect your right to exist
I will kill you if you move in next to me
Ah, it stinks, it sucks, it's anthropologically unjust
Oh, but the takings are up by a third, oh so
Cunts are still running the world [Repeat: x 2]
The free market is perfectly natural
Do you think that I'm some kind of dummy?
It's the ideal way to order the world
"Fuck the morals, does it make any money?"
And if you don't like it, then leave
Or use your right to protest on the street.
Yeah use your right, but don't imagine that it's heard
Cunts are still running the world

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