Jason Anderson (of Wolf Colonel, Tracks, Strand of Oaks' live band, and a long-running solo artist) has been gearing up for a new solo album with producer Thomas Wincek (of Volcano Choir and Field Report, ex-Collections of Colonies of Bees), but in the meantime he'll be putting out one "lost session" each month in 2019 featuring previously unreleased and unfinished music from over the years. In Jason's own words:

I’ve been digging through old projects and rediscovering forgotten songs, all the while reminiscing on the kind, generous, and ridiculously talented friends I’ve collaborated with along the way. I’ve excavated a ton of music—boxes of hard drives, unlabeled CD-Rs, faded cassettes—that never quite saw the light of day. Let’s empty the vault.

[...] These 12 reissues will be a nifty companion to my existing discography, offering fresh stories and shading to that material while filling in some gaps and connecting a few dots.

The series began with The Mark EP in January, and this month he's putting out a full-length called Restless that he recorded in Austin with Michael Landon. We're premiering "Reason" from that album. Jason says:

As Tom and I put the finishing touches on the album, I’ve been digging through old projects and excavating a ton of unreleased music. I’m really stoked to be sharing this stuff, making room for new vibes and readying a new start. “Reason” is a song about home—its transient nature—and the bittersweet feeling that comes with letting go of a place. It’s also a love letter to Austin, one of my favorite cities.

"Reason" is a super catchy dose of jangly heartland punk, something that Replacements or Beach Slang fans will probably dig. Check it out, alongside a stream of The Mark, below.

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