It's the first Friday of a month, which means it's a Bandcamp Day, where Bandcamp waives its cuts of sales and gives 100% of profits to artists and labels. For the occasion, Jawbox have released a Bandcamp-exclusive live album recorded at their July 28, 2019 reunion show at the Metro in Chicago. The band writes:

When we were making plans for our reunion tour, the subject was raised as to whether we should anticipate a live album, and at the time, our hands being otherwise full enough, we decided to record whatever we could and decide later, if and when there was ever time or inclination to run through it all. Then COVID-19 erupted, and we found ourselves with some extra time on our hands and used some of it to review the shows.

In the end we decided on Chicago. It was the last stop on the tour, and for us has always been a kind of touring home-away-from-home, a city we as a band always held close for its friendship, talent, like-mindedness, and heart.

We were hot those nights, wrapping up two months of shows and a year of rehearsals. Some of the songs might show a bit of over-elation, some a bit of strain, but in the end these are the performances we felt best represented what we had to offer throughout the tour, and what you, the audience, could coax from us for our mutual benefit.

So we hope you enjoy it. There are many people to thank for their contributions and assistance along the way, but for the purposes of these notes, we'll just say our friends and family, without whom we would surely not have made it to the Metro or any other stage in 2019.

And, of course, Thank you.

The audio was mixed by frontman J. Robbins in May of this year, and it sounds great and really captures the power of that 2019 reunion tour. We caught the tour in NYC, and wrote at the time:

J Robbins, Bill Barbot, Kim Coletta, and Zach Barocas took the stage shortly after 9 PM, said a brief hello, and then dove right into a set of classics that made it seem like no time had passed in the 20+ years they were away. J and Bill made a few mentions throughout the night of how long it's been, and they seemed genuinely grateful that this many people still wanted to see them after all these years (the 1,800 capacity room was sold out). They're just a few shows into the reunion tour, but they already seemed like any kinks were worked out and any rust was polished off. I was too young to have seen Jawbox back in the day, but they looked and sounded as tight and energetic and happy to be there as they seem in classic live videos. It was everything you'd want from a Jawbox show: the shouts were as passionate as they were in the '90s, the melodic choruses soared through the large room, the dissonant guitar workouts were as razor-sharp as you remember, and Kim and Zach held down the pounding rhythm section with all the power and precision you'd expect.

They packed over 20 songs into their hour-and-a-half set, and -- as they've been doing on this tour -- pulled most heavily from their last two albums (1994's For Your Own Special Sweetheart and the 1996 self-titled LP), with classics like "FF=66," "Jackpot Plus!," "Mirrorful," "Cooling Card," "Motorist," "Iodine," their cover of Tori Amos' "Cornflake Girl," and their biggest hit "Savory," which closed the pre-encore set and was, of course, a huge crowd pleaser. "Savory" is the song that even casual alternative rock fans know, but it didn't overshadow the rest of the set the way an unusually popular song often can. Every song Jawbox played was a ripper, and it really seemed like the crowd was full of diehards who had stuck by the band all the years they were away.

Read more here and stream the new live album below.

Earlier this year, Bill Barbot left the band and was replaced by War On Women's Brooks Harlan.

Check out pictures of Jawbox's 2019 reunion show in NYC:

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