Jawbreaker have been reunited since last year, after 21 years away, and frontman Blake Schwarzenbach recently appeared at a live taping of the 'Going Off Track' podcast at Knitting Factory Brooklyn (3/16) to discuss the reunion, his time in jail, and more. One of the things he talked about was... new Jawbreaker music!

"Our summer is just gonna be trying to write, jam," Blake said, before adding, "What we really wanna do is just riff out and see what comes. I'm spending the next month writing at home, and then we're gonna converge in San Francisco and go in a studio and see what happens." As for what the new stuff might sound like: "I like the more band-like jams that we have [like "Bivouac"] or "Jet Black" or songs like that, that could only be as a unit."

On the decision to make new music, Blake also adds, "It's for our own excitement. We can't keep playing these same songs. I mean, they're wonderful for people who have not seen it -- we're lucky there are people that wanna see it -- but we need some new songs to make it exciting." That does indeed sound exciting! Stay tuned for more.

The other guests on the podcast were Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) and Laura Stevenson, and as usual, the hosts were Jonah Bayer (United Nations), Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem), Steven Smith (Steven’s Untitled Rock Show), and Brad Worrell (music producer, ex-The Goops). Listen to the entire thing HERE. The talk about the new album comes in around the hour and 37-minute mark.

Blake will appear at another live Q&A in NYC on April 7 at Murmrr Theatre, which is the release party for author Ronen Givony's new 33 1/3 on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. Tim Kinsella (Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, etc) is taking part in the Q&A too. Tickets are still available.

Jawbreaker recently played three NYC shows, and also added another reunion date: Seattle's Upstream Music Fest + Summit. As Blake said in the podcast, they're hoping to play shows overseas too.

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