Along with Jawbreaker‘s reunion, their long-in-the-works documentary Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker (produced by The Promise Ring’s Dan Didier) has also been screening in various cities for the past couple years, sometimes with Q&As with the band. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a great film and it really adds a lot of context to how much-deserved and overdue this comeback has been for Jawbreaker. And if you haven’t seen it, you’re in luck because it’s finally getting a wide release on August 6. That day, it will become available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon/Amazon Prime. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the synopsis:

In 2007, 11 years after one of the most influential American punk bands, Jawbreaker, called it quits the three members, Blake Schwarzenbach, Chris Bauermeister, and Adam Pfahler reconnected in a San Francisco recording studio to listen back to their albums, reminisce and even perform together. Follow the band as they retell their “rags to riches to rags” story writhe with inner band turmoil, health issues, and the aftermath of signing to a major label. Featuring interviews with Billie Joe Armstrong, Steve Albini, Jessica Hopper, Graham Elliot, Chris Shiflett, Josh Caterer and more.

You can also watch the trailer below. The next screening happens on Friday (7/26) in Louisville.

Jawbreaker’s only two upcoming live dates at the moment are Riot Fest and The Fest.

In other Jawbreaker news, cellist Gordon Withers — who became known for cello covers of Jawbox and then went on to play with Jawbox’s J Robbins, and who has also done Jawbreaker covers and played with Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler’s band California — is releasing a full album of Jawbreaker covers, Jawbreaker On Cello, on November 1 via New Granada. (Some of these recordings were used in Don’t Break Down, too.) You can pre-order it here and check out the artwork and tracklist below.

Gordon Withers Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker On Cello Tracklist
A1. Want
A2. Fireman
A3. Accident Prone
A4. Ashtray Monument
A5. Ache
B1. The Boat Dreams From The Hill
B2. Chesterfield King
B3. Sea Foam Green
B4. Bivouac
B5. Boxcar