We've had our fingers crossed for a while for a Jawbreaker reunion (not to be confused with the band Jawbreaker Reunion), and a new bit of news just surfaced that has it feeling realer than ever. In a video interview that Substream posted, drummer Adam Pfahler says the band, though not very recently, has actually rehearsed:

“We did get together and we played when we were doing those interviews,” Pfahler says during a recent public appearance at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, discussing the ongoing production of the Jawbreaker documentary. “Then a couple years ago, I went to New York and Chris [Bauermeister, bass] was in New York seeing his dad, and we all got together and we played. We just went to Blake’s practice space and played a couple of songs just to see if we could still do it. We weren’t sure if we could still do it. We could still do it.”

“I have a recording of it,” Pfahler continues. "When I got the recording, I dropped it into iTunes, and I looked at the timing of [each song], and it was exact, almost down to the second, of the recorded versions. I thought it was so insane.I just wanted to see how off we were—like, ‘I was probably rushing the whole time’—but no, it was perfect. That was a real trip.”

Well that's exciting! Our fingers remain crossed. Check out that video interview below, and skip to 41:30 to hear the reunion talk.

UPDATE: Well, let's not get too excited. Jawbreaker have now posted, "I spoke very frankly about the possibility of a reunion at the Giant Robot Dear You 20th anniversary instore last month. But I was not hinting that we had immediate plans to do so. Just said that we'd talked about it, played and actually got pretty close a few years back. But it was not to be. Trust me, I'd be the first to break that kind of news..."

Adam Pfahler also recently released an album with his band California (fronted by Green Day's touring guitarist Jason White), and he recently joined Beach Slang on stage for a cover of Jawbreaker's "Boxcar." Watch that below too.

Blake Schwarzenbach was supposed to do a solo tour last fall, but sadly had to cancel it.


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