A few years ago, indie-emo vets The Jazz June reunited for live shows and a new record that was pretty on par with their prime-era stuff. Now, the band's singer/guitarist Andrew Low and frequent collaborator Tim Holland (who contributed guitar and trumpet to The Jazz June's classic The Medicine) have a new album on the way with another project called Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo. It's a split LP with Denver's The Get Together and it's out later this month on Universal Warning Records. Pre-orders begin shipping October 24, and there's also a bonus package that includes the first four Jazz June albums, their 1998 Breakdance Suburbia EP, their 2007 CD/DVD compilation The Scars To Prove It, and the Universal Warning comp The Warning Compilation, which features rare Jazz June tracks (and more). More details below.

Uncle Hunter and the Buffalo is a little rawer, simpler, and folkier than The Jazz June (they play a mandolin in their video for "Count Me Out"), but Andrew Low sounds about as great here as he does on The Jazz June's reunion album, and fans of that band will likely dig this one too. Watch that "Count Me Out" video and the video for "Crazy Eyes," right here:

1. Count Me Out - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
2. Crazy Eyes - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
3. Landslide - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
4. Fight - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
5. Static - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
6. Everything Falls Apart - The Get Together
7. Primer Grey - The Get Together
8. Let It Out - The Get Together
9. Silver Knife - The Get Together
10. Sea Of Tranquility - The Get Together

Bonus Buy Includes:

1. The Jazz June - The Boom The Motion and The Music (cd)
2. The Jazz June - They Love Those Who Make The Music (cd)
3. The Jazz June - Breakdance Suburbia (cd)
4. The Jazz June - The Medicine (cd)
5. The Jazz June - Better Off Without Air (cd)
6. The Jazz June - The Scars To Prove It (cd+dvd)
7. Snakes and Music - Truisms (cd)
8. Snakes and Music - Isabelle (cd)
9. Universal Warning Records - The Warning Compilation (cd)
10. Manalive! - Heart Hands and Mind (cd)

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