NYC indiepop duo Jeanines' self-titled debut was a charming surprise and one of the best albums of 2019, a compact, jangly hook machine full of earworm melodies and simple but perfect low-fi production. Alicia Jeanine and Jed Smith are back with Jeanines' second album, Don't Wait for a Sign, which will be out April 22 via Slumberland.

The wistful "Any Day Now" is a perfect example of what Jeanines do so well, a song lifted by Alicia's ethereal harmonies and its "la la la" chorus. It clocks in well under two minutes long but will be stuck in your head after the first listen. Watch the song's video, directed by Christina Riley, below.

Jeanines will be heading to Europe in March to play Paris' L’INTERNATIONAL on 3/24 and Madrid Popfest on 3/26.

jeanines dont wait for a sign

Don't Wait for a Sign:
1. That’s Okay
2. Any Day Now
3. People Say
4. Don’t Wait For A Sign
5. I Lie Awake
6. Got Nowhere To Go
7. Who’s In The Dark
8. Dead Not Dead
9. Never Thought
10. Gotta Go
11. Through The Vines
12. Turn On The TV
13. Wishing Well

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