Jeff Mangum with the Instruments

I definitely don't get to everything I mean to post on this site. One such item I meant to give you a heads up on was the Elephant Six-related Instruments tour that hit Cake Shop in NYC on Friday night (July 21, 2006). For that, I'm sorry, because Pitchfork has since found out that Jeff Mangum made another surprise stage appearance at the initmate basement show (after making an appearnce in the audience of the Os Mutantes show earlier in the night):

During the Instruments' set, Mangum joined the band for one song. According to my friend Mike Noble, who supplied the information about both the Os Mutantes and Cake Shop shows, "Mangum sat in with the Instruments on a song (er, stood in, sang in his loud I-don't-need-no-microphone way, wordlessly chanting."

"...there were only two dozen or so people in the room, many of whom were members of Elf Power, Apples, et al.--but a certain Mr. Mangum joined the Instruments on stage at the Cake Shop last night for a single song, toward the end of the set. It was 'When the Stars Shine,' I believe. I snapped a couple of blurry camera pics of the event..."

This is NOT A HOAX (I think).

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