With basically all concerts off, more and more artists are using livestreaming to reach their fans, and TODAY (3/17) the Specialist Subject Instagram will host a livestreaming concert with Jeff Rosenstock, AJJ, RVIVR's Erica Freas, and more. It starts at 3:55 PM Eastern and Erica goes on at 6, followed by AJJ and Jeff. It'll stream on Specialist Subject's Instagram stories. Set times and more info below.

AJJ recently released their very good new album Good Luck Everybody (a title which refers to the state of things in 2020 and was... even more ahead of its time than they could've known), which features Jeff. We recently wrote about Jeff's old ska-punk band The Arrogant Sons of Bitches in our list of 12 classic ska-punk albums to prepare you for the impending ska-punk revival.

Erica Freas recently released her new solo album Young on Specialist Subject. Stream it right here:

UPDATE: If you missed Jeff Rosenstock's performance or just want to relive it, an archive has been uploaded:

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