Earlier this year, Jeff Rosenstock played four nights at Bowery Ballroom in NYC to record a live album, and now the album has been announced. It’s called Thanks, Sorry! and it’s coming out via Jeff’s own label Really Records (though he is still signed to Polyvinyl). You can pre-order it here, and Jeff says, “These records will ship by mid-December, but you might get it way earlier – it all depends on when you place you order! Don’t e-mail us we’ll e-mail you!! Wow!!”

The album also comes with a 76-page photo book by Hiro Tanaka, who also took the photos that are on the covers for POST- and WORRY. Here’s more about the live album, in Jeff’s own words:

OUR FIRST LIVE RECORD! Recorded by Jack Shirley over four nights at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, a homecoming after three or four years orbiting the planet playing these songs. IT IS A DELUXE-ASS 29-ISH-SONG TRIPLE LP GATEFOLD WITH A 76-PAGE PHOTO BOOK BY HIRO TANAKA!!! WITH PHOTOS!!! OF OUR BAND!!!!!!

This is a document of our band, our crew, our friends and basically what shit’s been like the last few years, dog. We wanted this whole thing to feel special and real, we wanted it to reflect the positive energy that y’all are bouncing around the room at our shows, and yeah I know all that shit’s corny as fuck but that doesn’t make it not true!

That said, it was expensive and complicated to make these so while it will exist in perpetuity in the digital realm unless the void collapses, we don’t anticipate making more of these any time soon.

Watch a fan-shot video of Jeff and his band playing the entire side B of WORRY. at the Bowery Ballroom run, and see the tracklist for the live album, below.

1. Live From New York!
2. USA
3. Pash Rash
4. Wave Goodnight to Me
5. I’m Serious, I’m Sorry
6. All This Useless Energy
7. Yr Throat
8. TV Stars
9. Craig of the Creek
10. Festival Song
11. Beauty of Breathing
12. Hey Allison!
13. Bonus Oceans
14. The Internet Is Everywhere
15. Hall of Fame
16. Beating My Head Against a Wall
17. Melba
18. Nausea
20. June 21st
21. The Fuzz
22. …While You’re Alive
23. Perfect Sound Whatever
24. Let Them Win
25. KKK Hiway
26. Twinkle
27. 9/10
28. You, In Weird Cities
29. We Begged 2 Explode