Jeff Rosenstock has just surprise released SKA DREAM (pre-order on white vinyl), a rerecorded ska version of last year's great NO DREAM.

"As with most things ska in my life, what started out as a fun goof with friends eventually morphed into 'Hey, what if we tried to make it good though?,'” Jeff says. "All of us have a pretty deep history playing and touring the country in punk/ska bands. We all understand the stigma that comes along with ska, we’ve all dealt with the pitfalls of it, and we’ve all kept on truckin’ regardless. If you are one of those people who loves music as long as it isn’t ska, that’s cool, we see you. This record isn’t for you and you don’t have to listen to it. Byeeee." Jeff then says, "Okay, everyone else, we see you too, we love you and check it out, SKA DREAM is real."

"No Time To Skank" includes a "very short tribute" to The Suicide Machines' "Our Time" and "Leave It In The Ska" includes a snippet of The Specials' "Nite Klub." The album features contributions from Jer Hunter (JER, Skatune Network, We Are The Union), Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug), Laura Stevenson, Ara Babajian (The Slackers, Leftover Crack), Boboso, Sean Bonnette (AJJ), George Clarke (Deafheaven), David Combs (Bad Moves), Chris Farren, Augusta Koch (Gladie, Cayetana), Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Franz Nicolay, nonregla, Elise Okusami (Oceanator), Mike Park (Bruce Lee Band, Skankin Pickle, Asian Man Records), PUP, Anika Pyle (Katie Ellen, Chumped) & Shannon Toombes.

You can stream SKA DREAM below and pre-order it on white vinyl from the BrooklynVegan store. We've also got NO DREAM available on seafoam vinyl.

UPDATE: Jeff announced a virtual listening party for Ska Dream, happening at 6:11 PM ET on YouTube. Tune in below.

Jeff Rosenstock


SKA DREAM Tracklist (via AV Club):
2. Airwalks (Alt) (backing vocals: Augusta Koch, Shannon Toombes, Anika Pyle)
3. SKrAm! (ft. Boboso) (backing vocals: David Combs, Elise Okusami, Laura Stevenson)
4. S K A D R E A M (ft. George Clarke, Augusta Koch)
5. Horn Line (ft. nonregla)
6. p i c k i t u p (ft. Angelo Moore, Laura Stevenson, Franz Nicolay, Ara Babajian)
7. Leave It In The Ska (ft. Chris Farren) (backing vocals: Laura Stevenson, Shannon Toombes, Elise Okusami)
8. The Rudie of Breathing (ft. Laura Stevenson)
9. Old SKrAp (bv’s PUP, Shannon Toombes)
10. ***SKA
11. Monday At Back To The Beach
12. Checkerboard Ashtray (ft. Laura Stevenson)
13. Ohio Porkpie (ft. Anika Pyle, Sean Bonnette, PUP)


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