Bomb the Music Industry!'s Vacation just turned 10, and to celebrate, Jeff Rosenstock has shared the demos for the album, which you can download for free here.

Jeff also wrote a lot about the demos and time and darkness surrounding the album: "At some point I dramatically (jk) revealed to my bandmates that the demos of "Can't Complain" and "Hurricane Waves" were part of a new record I was almost done writing but I wasn't sure what to do with. A few songs were over five minutes long, the opening track is a repetitive piano loop for like a loooong time ending with a blastbeat, falsetto and synth banjo arpeggios...there was no ska, no hardcore. I didn't think they would like it, or that anyone would like it. And obviously they were like, "Jeff, dude, COME ON cut that shit out" and I was relieved when they liked the songs which were still a work in progress." You can read Jeff's full notes on the demos below.

You can catch Jeff on tour, supporting last year's NO DREAM, this fall, including three sold out shows at Brooklyn's Warsaw (one of which will be performing this year's SKA DREAM in full).

Order No Dream on seafoam vinyl from the BV store.

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