First Jeff Rosenstock released SKA DREAM, then he and his band teamed up with the Polyvinyl staff to make a 9-hour playlist of ska songs, and now Mike Park's ska-punk band Bruce Lee Band -- of which Jeff is currently a member -- have released a new song off their upcoming Division In The Heartland EP, with Jeff on lead vocals, singing in Korean. It also features backing vocals from Augusta Koch (Cayetana, Gladie), Laura Stevenson, and Elise Okusami (Oceanator), trombone by Jer Hunter (JER, We Are The Union, Skatune Network), and trumpet by Brian Lockrem (Monkey).

The song is called "BLT" (Bruce Lee Theme), and it's a ska-punk ripper as fun as anything on SKA DREAM or on the usual Mike Park-sung Bruce Lee Band songs. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, the language of the music and the power of Jeff's delivery is universal.

"Part of me was excited to do it because it feels fresh to sing in a different language, and I thought our pals in Korea might have fun singing along with Mike’s vague nonsense phrases, shouted by an idiot with a lot of heart," Jeff said (via Stereogum). "I think we often look at language as a barrier, but it’s actually a window into someone else’s reality, and that shit is beautiful to me."

Mike Park added, "Jeff asked me if I would write the lyrics in Korean and he would scream them out to the world. Unfortunately my comprehension of the Korean language is at pre school level, but this is what we came up with. hope you enjoy it." Listen below.

Speaking about the EP overall, Mike Park said, "With the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes permeating throughout the world, I once again find solace through music. For more than 30 years, I've been a proud voice for the marginalized, and I continue to push towards equality. To use music as my weapon of choice. The irony of these songs being released during this sad time in our history is not to be pushed aside as merely coincidental. The struggle is real. These songs push my narrative further than I could ever have imagined. STOP ASIAN HATE. STOP RACISM. PLEA FOR PEACE."

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