Jeff Rosenstock has surprise-released a new album, NO DREAM, his first proper studio album since the great POST-, which came out on New Year's Day, 2018. It's out now on Polyvinyl.

"It was feeling like a very personal record for me," says Jeff, who recently moved to LA after living in New York his whole life. "A lot of it was stemming from the anxiety I was feeling from the last two years, this existential crisis of wondering who I am. I didn’t expect to be doing well, in my life, ever."

"I got so used to putting out records that only a few people in the punk underground liked," he continues. "And a lot of people in the punk underground also didn’t like them, either. I was trying to not be afraid of using phrases that weren't immediately clear to me, aside from how they sounded and felt, then allowing them to reveal themselves over time. [...] I thought I had just made a record for no one. What’s the point of feeling this way? Does it help to vocalize it?"

Like his last few albums, Jeff recorded it with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, etc), and it features contributions from Chris Farren, Laura Stevenson, Dan Potthast, John Dedomenici, Mike Hugenor, Kevin Higuchi, and more (full credits below). I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but it kicks off with a bang and it already sounds great. Super energetic, super punk, super catchy... it's a Jeff Rosenstock record, alright! Stream it below, and 10% of proceeds from purchases go to Food Not Bombs.

Jeff will also host an album listening party with a Q&A at 3 PM ET. Tune in right here:

Nikes (Alt)
State Line
f a m e
Leave It In The Sun
The Beauty Of Breathing
Old Crap
Monday At The Beach
Honeymoon Ashtray
Ohio Tpke

Album Credits
John Dedomenici – Bass
Kevin Higuchi – Drums
Mike Hugenor – Guitar, Vocals
Dan Potthast – Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Jeff Rosenstock – Vocals, Guitar, Keys N More

Lauren Brief – Vocals on 4
Chris Farren – Keys, Vocals on 8 & 12
Laura Stevenson – Vocals on 3, 6, 7, 8 & 12
Bob Vielma – Trombone on 6, 10 & 13

Vox N Clap Squad: Gilbert Armendariz, Angelina Banda, Lauren Brief, Sim Castro, Laura Hammond & Neil Sharma

Recorded by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden
Mixed by Jack Shirley and Jeff Rosenstock
Mastered by the one & only "Grammy Jack" Shirley
Additional recording by Jeff, Dan, Laura & Chris in their respective homes
Pre-production at District Recorders in San Jose, CA

Illustrations by Ben Levin
Bob photo & other design junk by Jeff Rosenstock


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Check out pics of Jeff Rosenstock in Chicago in 2018:

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