JEFF the Brotherhood released Magick Songs earlier this month which found them almost entirely throwing out their riff-heavy party jam sound in favor of a decidedly more complex mix of Japanese psych, krautrock, and prog. "There’s so much preconception now about our band, and people have already made up their minds about what kind of band we are, which isn’t really what we’re about at this point in our lives," singer/guitarist Jake Orall said in a press release. At Elsewhere on Thursday night (9/27), Jake and his brother, Jamin, brought the current JEFF, which includes second guitarist Kunal Prakash, bassist Jack Lawrence (Dead Weather) and theremin player Jenna Moynihan, plus saxophone on a few songs.

They sounded great and played most, if not all, of the new album. Maybe not everyone had heard the new record as there were many shouts of "play some old stuff!" and one guy who repeatedly yelled for "Mellow Out." (It wasn't quite Dylan at Newport, but you could tell Jamin was getting frustrated at the requests.) The second half of Magick Songs did bring some heavy prog/doom riffing which seemed to satiate the crowd a little. Check out pics from the show, including openers Roya and Laughing God, in the gallery above.

JEFF the Brotherhood's tour hits NJ's Asbury Lanes tonight with Bone and Marrow (tickets).


photos by Kenneth Bachor

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