Ted Lasso, AppleTV+'s sitcom about an American football coach (Jason Sudeikis) who's brought in to help a struggling UK football (you know, soccer) team, is in the final quarter of its divisive second season. As you may know, the feel-good sitcom features a feel-good theme song by Marcus Mumford, and some might argue that Ted Lasso is the Mumford of Sons of TV shows, or vice versa. As in, it's fine, but you're surprised to learn that someone you know loves it. (Hey, I watch the show.) Your mileage may vary!

Anyway, as the series' second season enters the home stretch, they've released the S2 soundtrack (unsurprisingly only on Apple Music) which includes Jeff Tweedy covering Mumford's theme song. Tweedy's understated take on the song is quite nice and an improvement over the original (his cover is also not trying to be a TV theme song). You can listen to that, and the rest of the soundtrack that features Mumford and Tom Howe's score, below.

Wilco are on tour right now and you can check out pics from their show at NYC's Forest Hills Stadium with Sleater-Kinney here, and below.

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